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More Than Telling Time: A Guardian on Their Wrist

Imagine this  you live far away from your elderly parent. They cherish their independence and want to stay in their own home. But you worry – what if they fall? What if they don't feel well?

This is where the Elder Companion Watch comes in. It's not just a watch it's a bridge between you and your loved one, offering peace of mind for you and continued independence for them.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Your loved one's heart health is a top priority. The Elder Companion Watch features continuous heart rate monitoring, keeping an eye of their well-being throughout the day.

SOS Feature

 But with our Elder Companion Watch, help is just a button press away. The built-in SOS feature sends alerts with their location, ensuring they get the assistance they need, fast.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Our Elder Companion Watch keeps a discreet eye on blood pressure alongside heart rate. You'll have peace of mind knowing you can catch potential health concerns early, allowing for proactive management and a healthier life for your loved one.

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How this Smart Gadget Can be a life saver

John, a 40-year-old fitness enthusiast, uses his smartwatch to monitor his heart rate during his daily jogs. He aims to stay within his target heart rate zone (130-150 bpm) for optimal fat burning. By keeping an eye on his heart rate readings, John can adjust his pace to ensure he's getting the most out of his workout without overexerting himself.

 Heart Rate Monitoring

Margaret (85) enjoys taking walks in her neighborhood. Wearing the Elder Companion Watch with built-in GPS, her family can see her location on a map through a user-friendly app. If Margaret forgets her way back home, they can easily guide her using the GPS tracking feature.
Built-in GPS
While gardening, Mary (78) loses her balance and falls. The Elder Companion Watch detects the fall and automatically sends an SOS alert with her GPS location to her pre-programmed emergency contacts and health team. Health team receives the alert and immediately calls Mary. He finds her shaken but unharmed and stays with her until help arrives.
SOS Button

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